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The Vegetable Ed ending, also known as the Veggie!Ed ending, is one of four possible conclusions to the Fullmetal Alchemist doujin-soft Bluebird's Illusion.[1]


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Since there is such a variety of choices in the visual novel, some information in this article may be different from what other players experienced.

Day OneEdit

Day one is the same for all paths of the game.[2] Please see a summary here.

Day TwoEdit

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Day ThreeEdit

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Day FourEdit

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Day FiveEdit

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Day SixEdit

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Day SevenEdit

After Al gets Ed out of the gate, he sends Fuhrer Mustang and Hawkeye a letter.

Dear Lieutenant Hawkeye,

How are you and the Fuhrer?
Brother and I are fine, so please don't worry.
It's already spring in Rizenbool, and the sun is getting warmer.
When the weather is fine, I take Brother out into the sun.
It feels nice...
Even though brother doesn't remember a thing, he's starting to have more expressions!
Sometimes he'll even smile at me!
Actually, even if Brother doesn't remember a thing, as long as I can be with him I'm satisfied.

I'm going to wait until he's better before taking him on a vacation.
Maybe that way, he'll get better even faster...
And when that time comes I'll tell you more of our travels...

Please say hello to everyone for me, and I hope everything goes well for you!

-Alphonse Elric

After Lieutenant Hawkeye and Fuhrer Roy Mustang read this Hawkeye suggests that Roy go see the brothers, not for their happiness, but for his own. Roy then comments that he's still searching for his happiness.

After that scene, you're shown Ed and Al "talking". Al continues to ask Ed to speak, but he is unresponsive. Al then proceeds to talk to himself, saying that he hopes his brother will get better. The game ends in Al's monologue, saying that he thinks that Ed would be able to hear his thoughts even without the firefly grass.

Overall, it appears that Ed payed with his memories and/or ability to feel happiness in order to stabilize Al's body.

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