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The Tea Alchemist ending is one of four possible conclusions to the Fullmetal Alchemist doujin-soft Bluebird's Illusion.[1]


A joke ending, the "Tea Alchemist" ending is one in which Edward happily serves the rest of his time in the military as a secretary, brewing and serving tea to Bradley. Before learning of this there is apparently conversation amongst the creators of the visual novel (represented in the text boxes as "XXX") in which they exclaim how cute the "Tea Alchemist" is.[2]



Since there is such a variety of choices in the visual novel, some information in this article may be different from what other players experienced.

Day OneEdit

Day one is the same for all paths of the game.[1] Please see a summary here.

Day TwoEdit

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Day ThreeEdit

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Day FourEdit

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Day FiveEdit

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Day SixEdit

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Day SevenEdit


Edward reacts to Havoc's good-natured teasing.

Edward awakens on Day Seven and notices Alphonse become briefly transparent but quickly dismisses his worries. He receives a call from Bradley requesting that he work overtime and agrees to help, even though it is his holiday. A short bout of guilt ensues, as Edward was to help his brother clean their home. Alphonse brushes him off and tells his brother that work is more important.[3]

When Edward meets Bradley at Central Military Command in his office, ready for business, the Fuehrer insists that he make tea before handling the "important documents" he called the colonel over for. As Edward returns to the office after brewing the tea, he runs into Havoc, Breda, Fuery, and Falman. They all complain about working on a holiday, because "recently things haven't been too stable"[3] and "everything's a mess,"[3] then proceed to tease the colonel about becoming the "Tea Alchemist."


Tea Alchemist ending screen.

Back in the office, Edward serves Bradley the tea and garners his approval for its taste. Then he begins to speak about the colonel's job, life in the military, and plans for the future. There is a screen blackout, and an anonymous person, probably the creators of the visual novel (represented in the text box as "XXX"[4]) tell the player to make their next choice carefully. If the player selects the first choice given in the text box, Edward chooses to take up the Fuehrer on his offer to stay in the military permanently, but also unwittingly agrees to serving Bradley tea every morning, much to his chagrin.[3]

"XXX" (the creators) then briefly converse amongst themselves and exclaim about how cute the "Tea Alchemist" is. This is the end of the Tea Alchemist path of Bluebird's Illusion.[3]

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