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The Pride Ed ending (thus dubbed by fans), also called the PrideEd and Pride!Ed ending, is one of four alternate endings to the Fullmetal Alchemist doujin-soft Bluebird's Illusion.[1]


The Pride Ed ending is arguably the most popular among fans. Besides being the easiest to reach, it is almost blatant fan service. A majority of Bluebird's Illusion fan fiction and fan art is based on this ending of the visual novel. Critics of this ending, however, view Edward becoming Pride as him "giving up," and note that "giving up" is most out of character of the eldest Elric.


In this outcome of Bluebird's Illusion, Roy Mustang and Alphonse Elric protect Edward Elric from death at the hand of Envy twice at the price of their lives until Edward dies in the ensuing collapse of Father's lair under Central City. Father later orders Envy to bring him the body, and with the remaining Philosopher's Stone he makes Edward into the homunculus Pride.[1]



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Day one is the same for all paths of the game.[1] Please see a summary here.

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