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Pride concept sketch from the Bluebird's Illusion Handbook
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Pride is the homunculus of Edward Elric in the Pride Ed ending of the Fullmetal Alchemist doujin-soft Bluebird's Illusion.[1]

Role in visual novelEdit

...Even though it's an alchemical reaction with the Philosopher's Stone... that explosion is beyond what an ordinary human is capable of. He is indeed my son. His life should not end there...

Bluebird's Illusion Guide

Pride is created from Edward Elric's remains by "Father" (Van Hohenheim) in the Pride Ed ending. An alchemic reaction Edward created collapsed his lair, killing the boy in the process, and Hohenheim requested that Envy bring him the body, much to the homunculus' chagrin. Envy grumbles that Edward "wouldn't want to become like that."[1]

Hohenheim believes that Edward was something more than human and gives him a "perfect, immortal life"[1] as a homunculus, charging Envy as his new brother. He is given the name "Pride" because Hohenheim believed that Edward was finally the most suitable person to bear it.

Pride's part in the visual novel is actually the briefest. Besides appearing in the opening sequence, he is first mentioned by a character in the "Basement," Hohenheim's lair, when the man decides to create him. The first and last time he is seen is with Envy, after the deed is done, watching Riza Hawkeye and company digging through the remains of Central Headquarters.[1]

Appearance and personalityEdit

Pride has a near duplicate of Envy's outfit, but with intricate red markings all over his body. The only difference between Envy's and Pride's clothing is that Pride's outfit has longer gloves and red markings similar to Lust's. Pride also leaves his hair down and not in the standard braid he wore as a human.

Pride seems to be devoid of a real personality because he cannot remember anything of his past self as Edward Elric.

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