Firefly grass only blooms during the night, and its petals will glow like the wings of fireflies. A legend has it that if you hold it to your chest and pray while it’s in bloom, then the person you’re thinking of will be able to feel it, no matter how far away he is....

Alphonse Elric, Day Six[1]


Firefly grass as it appears in Bluebird's Illusion.

Firefly grass (also known as hotarugusa) is a fictional breed of flower that appears briefly in all paths of Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion.[2]

Role in visual novelEdit

Firefly grass appears on the sixth day of the Pride Ed ending[1] and the third day of the Vegetable Ed ending.[3] The Roy ending and Tea Alchemist ending are without the scene.[4][5]