Envy's render in-game

Aliases Envy the Jealous
"Cobbled-together Envy" 
"The Great Serpent" (CoS)
Age Around 175 years old

(Fourth/Middle Homunculus)

380+ (First-Born Homunculus) (2003 anime)

Affiliations Father

Lust Gluttony Dante (2003 anime)

Species Homunculus
Occupation Instigator for Father
Abilities Shape-shifting
Goal Cause discord among humans
Kill the Elric family (2003 anime)
First Appearance Chapter 6 (manga)

Episode 2 (2003 anime)  Episode 5 (2009 anime)

Voice Actor Wendy Powell
Seiyū Mayumi Yamaguchi (2003) 
Minami Takayama (2009)

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